About Christina your intuitive stylist

This Life, inhaled and exhaled, between earth and sky. What we bring to it everyday, is what path we walk. 

It has been a journey, a becoming into my own self, especially this year of 2020. For many of us, this has given time to look at our lives, where we want to be, who we are and how to move forward through all of this. Though, as a contemplative soul, I know that this year was a deepening of my being. A trust in the connection with the Divine. Of living more simply, yet more fully. Of bringing the innate love I have into every aspect of my life. It is not alway easy, but it is how I role, smiles.


I have always been intuitive, and aware of space and the environment around me on two levels, the physical and the energetic. I began my style journey awhile back when traipsing the globe, developing an appreciation for cultures, spaces, jaw dropping natural places, architecture – very old and new. Of singing bowls, incense and old temples. How other cultures live more connected to the earth, old wisdom. Then after over a decade and some living abroad, I found myself back in Texas as a single mum. I had an aptitude for planning, details and design, so began over 15 years creating and designing beautiful weddings and events. I found I had a natural ability for creating on a blank canvas, how to make spaces transform, and delight. How to add textures and light and how to pull out the essence of what a client was looking for. It is a collaboration and now those that I work with are creative sacred partners.This intuition has also allowed for insight into people and understanding the clarity that they often are looking for.


We are all on a journey, we are all creating our lives to be better and in that the door we walk through everyday, should be one that greets you as an old friend. It should bring happiness and an exhalation when you enter. It should be your sanctuary, no matter if it is an apartment, a tiny home or a home. It is what is energetically imbued within the walls that make the space that is your home.

I look forward to some sacred time and sacred space styling with you!


Christina Lewis XO