Sacred Space Styling Time

"Our home, can also be said to be our sanctuary. This sacred place where we dwell. To walk into this and exhale, feel embraced, for reflection, of laughter and creativity, of being just who we are and most of all from the moment we enter the door!"

I am going to be open and honest with you. The past two years has been a deep spiritual growth and awakening. I will share a link to more of this story below if you are curious, but for now, we all know that this past year has been for many of us, our own personal revelation. Our lives were not only shifted, but altered. Just going out to the store for groceries became a monumental task. Maybe you or your loved one lost a job, as I did from the hospitality industry. The list as we know goes on, so the home has become a sanctuary of whatever size it is and locality in this world, and so humbly appreciated. 

For me, this was the shift I needed to deepen and move forward with my interior styling, which I started a few years ago as an outlet for my styling creative expression. I come from an event and design background of over fifteen years, and stayed within it and had projects here and there, which I am definitely grateful for, but it was just not where I wanted it to be. I knew in my heart that something was missing and it was. The intuitive, inspired, working from the sacred in any aspect of my life part was not present. As I have grown spiritually, I now can only move from this, this is what I needed to bring to the table. So, that I can inspire you. Bring my ease and peace, as I step through your door and co-create an environment to have harmony, a flow and that nurtures your well being. 

So, yes my interior styling comes from a deep, thoughtful, honest and sacred space, yet it is imbude with years of travel and living abroad. So, a cosmopolitan, earthy and often eclectic approach with my interior inspiration. 

 Time to make your home your sacred haven! 

Sacred Home + Inspired Living Packages

Sacred Styling Time! Three Pricing Packages for your budget + your styling needs!

From the moment our date and time is set to either meet in person depending on locality or via zoom, our journey begins of co-creating together.  We are going to take an honest, intuitive and love based look on how your inner self is reflecting in your home. Is it the sanctuary you envision or is this time to truly transform, uplift and revitalize? After our creative collaboration, a follow up will be sent depending on what Inspired Living Package you have chosen! Let's Connect!

Image by Sylwia Pietruszka

Simple Sacred Styling Advice - Virtual or In Home! 


Up to 60 minute chat to take a look at where you are stuck in your home or maybe need help with a paint color or wallpaper design detail or what recommended piece of furniture for a space  . . . 

After our discussion, recommendations will be sent to you.


If a fab Wimberley local, I will do a house visit, if you prefer!

Let's Connect!

Heart Inspired Living In-House

Need help with getting furniture rearranged or need ideas for up to two rooms that needs furniture + some love!

1 Hour complementary Home Consult

Photos of your space + measurements

Design board

1 Design board revision

Resource/Shopping list

Follow up to ensure selections + ordering

Sacred Space house check

Joyful + peaceful energy!

485.00 (local Wimberley, Driftwood and surrounds)

More rooms can be added, plus installation, and fees for this can be discussed based on your budget and location.

Let's Connect!

A Sacred Ramble In House - Project Based

This is a nurturing and creative styling experience that not only embraces your home, but you and how you live within your space. This is an enriching journey that we will collaborate on to transform and uplift. It is home styling, plus heart living. Together we will get to the nitty gritty of what you want to bring to your space.

Each creative and intuitive project is fabulously unique and pricing is based on your creative project, whether a home office or more comprehensive home love. A Sacred Ramble includes initial consult time, design boards, notes, shopping experience, Pinterest board, spreadsheet, up to two follow up sessions if necessary and then the day for installation and reveal. An exhalation of yes!


Smiles, and truly looking forward to connecting here!

Love Notes on sacred Styling

How We Begin

When you first contact me through the form, we will go over the type of intuitive interior styling that is going to best support your vision. If looking at the Sacred Ramble, this design process usually involves a mix of in-person sessions, mood or design boards, shopping expeditions and Pinterest fun. It is a thoughtful, creative, detailed and collaborative process. For the Simple Sacred Styling, once we have your time of scheduling, full payment is required to confirm your session. For the Sacred Ramble in House Project, after discussion and proposal agreed upon, a deposit is required before we begin the journey. A sacred contract, or agreement will be sent as well. This will have Covid related information as well.

Each home project is unique and we take care and attention to your sanctuary. By now you know, it is only good + harmonious energy that will be coming into your home. 

What Locations for your Sacred Home Styling

At the moment, consultations are for the environs of Wimberley, Austin and San Antonio. New location coming early next year. Other locations can be discussed, and travel fees will apply depending on location. As we are in a different world now, travel and in home consultations are looked at on locality and I will always err on the side of safety for all our well beings. 

Any other way to connect?

Yes, I am zoom friendly and part of the new world of meeting, collaborating and styling!

What Other Items Do I need to know?

This is interior styling, not knocking down walls! I can advise on this, but I create a sanctuary, within and without. Or make pretty! Walls to be painted, then color yes and painters will be contracted.  Wall paper installation, know two great women installers! 

Any easy moving decor will be shipped to my address and all bought in on installation day. Any heavy pieces will be shipped directly to you. If any fab decor finds and found during shopping then they will be picked up and bought to my place. All delivery fees will be discussed. 

Hanging of lights, heavy pictures + mirrors, or heavy furniture to be moved, up a ladder to put in curtain rods, etc  . .. then our fab handy man will be hired at an additional fee per hour. We always give a fair estimate of time. They may not stay as long as your Sacred Space Stylist either, they will just focus on their listed projects! Your finances are important to us, so we keep an eye on the time!

We will be adhering to any National, State and local regulations during the pandemic. We will at all times be wearing a mask, and have our sanitizer handy. We do ask that anyone in your home that will be around us to please wear masks. Your health + our health, a definite priority! XO

Let's get creating, laughing, growing, filling in space with love and light!