Sacred Business Design

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 Getting to the Heart of your Small Business Sacred Design

As I said on the home sacred styling page, I am going to be open and integrous with you. The past two years was a spiritual growth and awakening. I will share a link to more of this story below if you are curious, but for now, we all know that this past year has been for many of us, our own personal revelation. To really look at our lives, where we are at, if you lost a job like myself, or if you lost your business, yet have the strength and conviction to start again or start afresh, then let's high five, jump up and down like four year olds, laugh out loud and embrace this change with a wow!! 

I come from an event and design background of over fifteen years, and started my interior styling company the Style Rambler a few years ago, but a few projects here and there, definitely gratitude, but it was just not where I wanted it to be. Felt something was missing and it was. The intuitive, inspired, working from the sacred in business. As I have grown spiritually, and move from this, then this is what I need to bring to the table. So, that I can inspire you. Create an environment that helps your work space, your business to have harmony, a flow and ease that helps with productivity, creativity, less stress and a place where you actually feel good when you walk in the door. Where you creative partners (employees) feel happy to be.

So, yes this comes from a deep, thoughtful, honest and sacred space, yet it is imbude with years of travel and living abroad. So, a cosmopolitan, earthy and often eclectic approach with my design.


So, mainly work on smaller space, but for a larger business we can discuss and customize a package for you.

* I work with you on whatever stage you are at. Whether it is just refreshing, repurposing or reenergizing your current


* An intuitive breakdown and reading of where you are with your business and your space. From here, we will go over

   what will support you holistically with your work and business, as it is all intertwined.

* Helping you with styling a new office or business place.

* I will use intuitive guidance, years of space design and work on recommendations that are aesthetically pleasing, functionality taken into account, and energetically in tune with your vision. Getting those roots set in for positive + enhanced change!

* Please note

Sacred Space Services

While each package is customized to meet your specific needs, here is a sample of the Simply Sacred Consult. This consult service, is an in depth look at your space, time to sit and talk about your business, your environment and your intentions. The big holistic picture! This is an intuitive, meaningful, and time set aside for this retrospective analysis. Pricing is based on your size of business.